Welcome to my blog.

Hi, girls here I am your favorite blogger, and I am so glad you spend your precious time visiting my blog. I have a few things in my life that are a part of me which is my family and my cat. I am a New York-based blogger. I love my makeup the same as I love my family and I cherish my clothes. I put my heart and soul into writing blogs about looks. I believe you should work hard without thinking about the results.
I am in love with beaches they bring peace to my mind, I love long drives with casual comfy clothes. I love to post about food and my travel trips, I also have a fetish for shoes. My passion for fashion is remarkable and I want to share this experience with you.

I also have a minor interest in hairstyles, soft curls, hot curls, and beachy waves; I know how to do them and I also wanted to open a parlor when I was in middle school but that changed when I got older. I love esthetic things and love to buy clothes which are in monotone colors. Tune in for more adventure.