Check Shirts For An Oversized Look

Oversized looks are trending these days! You might have seen many going for this look by either wearing oversized jackets or check shirts. It completed the entire retro vibe. I am sure you might have many check shirts lying in your closet but if you wish to shop for new ones, you can take easily get them from Lulu’s.

Check print was famous in the ’90s and ’80s. Fashion from that era is what has been trending these days. So, if you have check shirts or jackets of your mom lying around, put them to use. Unfortunately, I had to buy them but I was surprised after looking at what Lulu’s had to offer. For instance, this Choose your Vibe Pink Plaid Shacked looked adorable to me. Available for $47.20, this pink plaid shacked is soft and comes in hues of tan, cream, and pink. Wear it with taupe-colored pants or denim jeans for a snazzy look.

6-1 pink plaid shacked

.Alt-tag: Pink shirt

If black is your favorite color then this Mistry Days Black and White Plaid Jacket are just for you. Available for $44, this jacket has soft, misty, and cozy black plaid construction. Made from 60% polyester and 40% wool, this jacket will keep you warm during chilly summer nights. Pair it with denim shorts or leather pants for a chic look.

6-2 Mistry Days Black and White Plaid Jacket

Alt-tag: Check jacket

To finish off this look, pair this look with these denim shorts. These Warm Days Light Wash Distressed High Rise Cutoff Shorts for $39 are great. These denim shorts have a high-waisted fit with belt loops and a classic five-pocket cut. Made in Vietnam, these shorts would look stunning with your check oversized look.

6-3 Warm Days Light Wash Distressed High Rise Cutoff Shorts

Alt-tag: Denim shorts

Shop from Lulu’s today and enjoy free shipping on orders above $50. Visit their website today for more.

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